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Songs of the Seanchaí

The Stories of Kevin L. O'Brien


Published Works



  Team Dream Girl
  A Collection of 13 Adventures of Team Girl
  and Their Friends Set in the Dreamlands of
  H. P. Lovecraft

  Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iBook  Smashwords

  "Shaman's Quest"
  A Team Girl Dreamlands Adventure

  Sword and Sorceress 32
  Amazon  Kindle  B&N  Nook  Kobo  iBook

  Loyalty to Man
  A Novel and 5 Stories About Team Girl
  and Their Friends in Alternative Realities

  Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iBook  Smashwords

  "Team Girl and the Manticore"
  A Team Girl Dreamlands Adventure

  Warriors & Wizards 3
  MagCloud (Paperback & eBook)

  The Adventure of An Cupla
  Team Girl's First Adventure in the Dreamlands

  Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iBook  Smashwords

  "The Road to Hell"
  Contemplating the End of the World

  Weirdbook 32
  Amazon  Kindle  B&N  Kobo  Wildside Press

  "It seemed like reading a postmortem of mankind."
  Review in Tangent Online

  Other Worlds & Times Volume 1
  Part 1 of a Collection of Speculative Fiction Tales

  Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iBook  Smashwords

  Other Worlds & Times Volume 2
  Part 2 of a Collection of Speculative Fiction Tales

  Kindle  Nook  Kobo  iBook  Smashwords

  "In an Octopus's Garden"
  A Cthulhu Mythos Tale of Love, Sex, Procreation,
  and Retribution

  Strange Tales 10
  Amazon  B&N  Wildside Press

  A Cthulhu Mythos Murder Mystery

  In Lovecraft's Shadow 1
  Lulu  Nook

  A Cthulhu Mythos Scientific Mystery

  Cthulhu's Creatures

  "The Surrogate"
  A Cthulhu Mythos Tale of a Streetwalker
  and a Most Unusual Client

  Eldritch Blue

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